Thank you again for all your thoughtful advice, well designed schedules and fine editing. You helped Elsa create authentic stories that resonated with very many admissions readers. We are so grateful to you for opening these doors.  - Julie C.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support and guidance you provided to Sophie during this really challenging and unconventional school year. She is a very independent young person and didn’t want us involved in her college application process. I’m so grateful she was able to check-in and work with you - your mentorship provided a real peace of mind during this extremely stressful time. Sophie ended up with a wealth of opportunities and committed to Cal last weekend!  - Carrie W.

Thank you so so much for supporting Declan in his search and application process.  He’s so excited about college and your process of building independence along the way was key. Your guidance on my role as a parent was also very sage! He owns it all!   - Claudia P. 

Lora is excellent at relating to kids and we found her knowledge of institutions that are the best matches for them to be extraordinary. Our daughter is now at Santa Clara University with a financial package that covers the entire cost of her college education. - Ron W.

We hired Lora to help our son with college applications and generally to keep him on track. She did all of that and more. She also became the voice of reason for him and was very much hands on.  He respected her immensely and followed her recommendations when no one else could get through to him. He got into many colleges, including his first choice. Lora is truly wonderful; she really cares about her clients and their families.  -  Lynn F. 

Thank you so much for supporting Ben on this challenging essay process.  I am so happy with the way they are coming out--they are very powerful and you really helped him find his voice.  You have an amazing eye and great compassion.  We have been really lucky to have connected with you. - John P. 

Past Clients...Off to College! 

Lora Lewis College and Educational Consulting

Planning for college is a unique, exciting opportunity to shape and launch your future. As an independent college counselor, I guide students of all aspirations through a creative, rewarding journey of self-discovery, empowering them to find and be accepted to the colleges where they will thrive. Whether you are looking for an innovative liberal arts college, a spirited state university, have your sights set on the Ivy League, or just want to explore the possibilities, I can help you get to the college that is the right academic, social and financial match for who you are now and who you want to become.

College admissions is more complex and competitive than ever before and can ​be challenging for families to navigate on their own. I build relationships with students and parents, working alongside them as an "expert friend" to create a collaborative admissions process that leads to success. My supportive approach, expertise and up-to-date knowledge will enable you to have more time, less stress and anxiety, maximize your potential for scholarship funds, maintain a peaceful parent/teen connection and have fun as you make this exciting journey together.

​t: 510.205.2898 

Kind Words from Just a Few of My Families...

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