Lora Lewis College and Educational Consulting

College Transition Coaching

Going off to college is one of the biggest steps in a young person’s life. They’re in a new environment, faced with new responsibilities and expectations, managing daily life on their own for the first time. This independence is exciting, but it can also leave kids feeling anxious, confused and overwhelmed.

Transition coaching helps students navigate college life through one-on-one sessions designed to meet their unique needs. I collaborate with clients to untangle challenges and develop skills that will help make their college years happy and successful. 

Coaching benefits students who:

  • Have executive functioning challenges that make it tricky to manage time and find an appropriate balance between school and socializing

  • Struggle with “life stuff” (things like keeping a clean and organized living space, doing laundry, staying on top of self-care, managing appointments and taking care of tasks that keep daily life running smoothly)

  • Need help understanding and managing school-related tasks like registering for/dropping classes, completing paperwork, emailing professors, and locating academic support resources/tutoring. 

  • Would benefit from guidance in managing social issues that are unique to the college experience, such as living with roommates, dealing with social pressures, addressing loneliness and isolation, and creating a healthy social life

  • Just need a knowledgeable, trusted, non-parental grown up to reach out to with questions and concerns 

Transition support can be especially helpful for those with learning differences or mental health concerns who may need help to effectively access on-campus resources such as accommodations and services for the differently-abled.

Meetings are virtual, and can take place weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on needs. 

Connect with me to learn more about the coaching process and how it can benefit your college experience. 

Coaching Rates

$195/hour session

$900/package of 5 sessions

$1850/package of 10 sessions