Coaching for College Students

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to figure everything out on your own. I coach young adults as they transition to the world after high school and gain confidence in managing the ins and outs of college and everyday life. Virtual or in-person sessions are designed to support and empower you as you find your own way. Our work together can help you:

Figure Out Your Basics

  • Select and/or register for classes
  • Develop and maintain a schedule and to-do list that works for your own “management style”
  • Connect with advisers and campus-based academic resources
  • Find the right housing situation
  • Effectively access services for special learning or mental health needs

Live a Meaningful Life in College

  • Create purposeful internship or work experiences beyond the classroom
  • Identify your natural talents and emerging interests and how they connect to potential careers
  • Tap into your values and find ways create a “life’s work” where you can express them
  • Build a healthy & enriching social circle

Get Through the Tricky Spots

  • Navigate (or recover from) academic struggles
  • Stay grounded when you feel completely lost
  • Build a new plan when your old one stops working

​Whether you need the occasional session to answer a few questions or stay on track, or you want to work together on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to manifest long term goals, I'm here to help you make the most of this amazing time in your life. 

Lora Lewis Educational Consulting

Beyond High School