COVID-19 has turned all our lives upside down, and for many college bound students, it’s also creating confusion and concerns that are making this time even more challenging. 

I’m offering half-hour and hour long “pop-up counseling” for students who have specific questions or need guidance in how to navigate through this stressful time and keep their college journey on track. 

Seniors Might Need 

  • Help choosing a college when you can’t visit campuses or are still uncertain about what’s the best fit

  • Help understanding wait lists and how to choose a college and make plans while staying on wait lists

  • Help preparing for the possibility that freshman year might be delayed or start with online classes only 

Juniors Might Need

  • Help understanding what COVID-19 will mean for college application season this fall

  • Guidance in how to explore colleges when visiting isn’t an option 

  • Help understanding changes to the SAT/ACT and how colleges will use scores

  • Help understanding how colleges will use spring semester 2020 grades

  • Suggestions for how to create meaningful extracurricular activities you can do from home

We can connect by phone, FaceTime or virtual platforms to get your questions answered and take some stress out of planning for college during this unprecedented situation. 

Half-Hour Session - $75                      Hour Session - $150                      

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Pop-Up Counseling During COVID-19